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Alexander's picture

Thank you so much for this great resource! God bless you!

Timothy's picture

Thank n God bless u for all u have done to bring the Gospel to the needy

Peggy's picture

Can you please help me understand how Revelation 3:7 comports with Isaiah 22? It appears in Rev. that Jesus has the keys and is God's prime minister. ???

Carson Weber's picture

Peggy, the keys and opening/shutting were signs of authority. The Book of Revelation emphasizes how Jesus Christ (the New David, David's son, the Davidic King) has all authority from God the Father.

Since Jesus has all authority, he is able to delegate authority to his Apostles. (Luke 22:30, Matthew 16:18, John 20:23, etc.)

Peggy's picture

Thanks for answering Carson. I am in conversation with a Church of Christ gentleman who states that the Church mistranslates Matthew 18:16 and that Jesus is the one with the keys and he was just quoting Isaiah 22.22 and he is keeping the keys as is shown in Revelation.

Carson Weber's picture

Peggy: I would tell him that yes, Jesus does always have the keys (authority) and he shares the keys (authority) with Peter. It's not Jesus vs. Peter. It's both/and. Jesus employs Peter just as he employed the NT authors to write authoritatively the very word of God.

Peggy's picture

Thanks Carson. I am loving your podcasts and have recommended to my ACTS group. You could have ditched you initial slam against my alma mater, but I will forgive you since it is in the water where you are!
Hook Em!

Carson Weber's picture

Peggy, that's okay, everyone has a past they'd like to erase, such as where they went to college.. *grin* Gig 'em! May I ask what your parish is and in which city? I participated in 5 ACTS retreats when I was young. 2 as a participant and 3 as a team member. This was St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in Boerne, TX, my home parish.

Eduardo's picture

i think it would be a great thing if you guys join all the 30 Bible Classes in a ZIP file.
thus people who want to download all at once may do so instead of downloading 1 by 1.
Thank You! (sorry for the english, i understand quite well ,but not speak/write so well as i listen)

Carson Weber's picture

Eduardo, great idea! I just added a link to the ZIP file above on this page. Thank you for the suggestion.

Brian's picture

Thank you for this great resource! I am able to listen at work which is rare because most MP3 sites are blocked where I work. (As long as it's not blocked I am good to go.) Thanks again - an incredible gift to your listeners.

Jorge's picture

God bless you for this great job! I have been listening on my way to work
and people often make faces to me on the street, when I start to laugh all
of a sudden, or when I say aloud: "ah, so that's it!"
Is this course available in another languages? I wish my friends here in Brazil
could have the opportunity to know it.

Carson Weber's picture

Jorge, thank you for your kind words. You just made me laugh! The podcast is only available in English. Please do give it a review in iTunes if you can.

Frank 's picture

This bible study series is amazing Carson. I am learning so much! Are the handouts also downloadable from your website? Thank you for making your lecture series available to us! God bless you and your family.

Carson Weber's picture

Frank, thank you very much, and you're very welcome! Unfortunately, I don't have any handouts available for download on the website. I believe there were only one or two handouts during the entire study, other than the use of the Understanding the Scriptures textbook.

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Phoolmattee  moonsammy's picture

Thank you for teachi g md more of the bible god bless you .

George S's picture

God bless & reward you.

ken 's picture

Thank very much for this great work Carson. I am in bible class but I was not understanding much until I started listening to your teachings. May God bless you for such an amazing work. Have you do anything on apocalypse?


please what is the biblical stand on:
1. the catholic teaching of praying the Rosary
2. Purgatory

just look at this writeup on the rosary

Deacon Gyorgy Zorenyi's picture

Hi Carson, I am listening to your Bible study whilst commuting, that makes my drives holy. Your insights and Dr. Hahn' s book are both great inspiration for my homilies. God bless your ministry and life! In Christ, Deacon Gyorgy from Macclesfield, ST Alban's Church, United Kingdom

David Grossi's picture

Carson. I have attended the Tridentine Mass for decades, many of the years as a Gregorian schola member. Your claim that the TLM readings are all NT is false. All Introits, and most Propers, are Psalms. Epistles are, of course, Epistles, but interspersed with OT readings, especially of the Prophets. TLM is the Mass of the Ages, canonized, not created, by Pope St. Pius V. The New Order of Mass is precisely what it is named, a new thing, certainly not representative of ancient Christianity.

Julie's picture

thank you and God bless you!

young's picture

superb!! so good,i'v Enjoyed the tune