Ch. 2 - The Old Testament

1 hr. 16 min.

We take a closer look at the golden thread that holds the Bible and all of Salvation History together: the covenant. You will learn the different important aspects of a covenant and about oath-swearing, which is the means by which one enters into and renews the covenant. This covenant theology is related to what Scripture says and how an Israelite saw religion. This lesson will help you interpret Scripture not as a 21st century American (or whatever nationality you are), but as an ancient Israelite with a covenantal, Hebrew worldview.

An overview of the Old Testament is also given along with an introduction to the concept of Biblical typology.


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Awesome study. I learned a lot today!

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I am Bruno Thien Cistercien monk in Vietnam. i am learning English and I need a text or book unerstanding the scriptures to the more understand the our God
thank your kind. may our God blessing to you.
Brother Bruno

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Am I correct in saying that a covenant is unconditional? What about when God makes a covenant with Adam that he may not eat from the tree of knowledge. Adam does eat from the tree and God takes away everlasting life. Isn't that a conditional covenant?

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Rob, thanks so much for the question. When Adam experiences spiritual death (he "dies the death"), that is the consequence or 'curse' of not keeping the covenant. If the covenant was conditional, then the covenant would end then and there, but it doesn't. It continues, in spite of the consequences of one party's actions.

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Really enjoy your lessons! I am just beginning Chapter 2 and would like to know which Bible translation you quote from during your lessons so that I can better follow along. Thanks for your service and God Bless!

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In lesson 2, you mentioned that the death of Jesus freed the people of Israel from the mosaic covenant, but can I say that modern day Israel is still enjoying some little benefits/blessings from God in the face of persecution during the course of history?

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Thank you again Carson. I just completed Lesson 2 and it was amazing to learn about the typos of Baptism, Joshua etc. Oh... I wish more people knew about your free lessons. I promise you that I will tell others. Please keep up the good work and thank you.
Today is the feast of the Queenship of Mary - the Ark that saved Noah and the eight from the destruction. She came to mind while you mentioned the ark. Thank you and God Bless.

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Excellent I am so pleased to have found this it will be a great help in learning scripure. Thank You!

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most christians talk but leave the old testament out of their lives

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I enjoyed this chapter, I always thought and believed that in order to understand the new Testament you have to read the old

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Thanks Carson for this very informative and inspiring understanding the word of God

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I was taught that the significant difference between a sermon and a homily is that a sermon can have any subject, but the subject of a homily is the readings that were just heard. I am really enjoying this study. Thank you so much for putting it on the internet. Many blessings!