Ch. 27 - The New Kingdom

1 hr. 19 min.

We reexamine the 12 characteristics of the Davidic Kingdom in the Old Testament. Since the New Covenant is a renewal and extension of the Davidic Covenant, we find these characteristics fulfilled by Jesus, Mary, Peter, and the Church in the New Testament. He then moves from a presentation of these 12 features to a quick examination of the whole of Matthew's Gospel. We move from chapter to chapter quickly to see how Matthew presents the New Kingdom in the pages of his Gospel narrative. This latter half of the episode is fast-paced and moves very quickly. As you listen to it, you will want to have a copy of Matthew's Gospel in front of you.

The Catholic Church is the Davidic Kingdom redeemed, restored, and transformed. It primarily resides in heaven with the Church Triumphant centered upon her king: Jesus the Anointed One (Messiah/Christ). The Church on earth or "the Church Militant" is the Kingdom in transit. She is in a pilgrim state as her members are purified and as they shed their sin by the means of transforming grace.

The 12 Characteristics of the Davidic Kingdom:

1. A Monarchy governed by its representative head: the King
Jesus is our King, and the Church is a monarchy, not a democracy.

2. The Davidic Covenant is made with David's seed (Hebrew: zera'h)
This is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus who is a direct descendant of David.

3. The King is anointed by a Levite, making him Messiah or Christ
Jesus is anointed by the Holy Spirit when baptized by John the Baptist, a Levite.

4. The Son of David is the Son of God
Jesus bears both of these titles throughout the Gospel narratives.

5. Jerusalem is the capital city with its own center located at Mount Zion
The Redemption begins in the Upper Room on Mount Zion; the Church is the New Jerusalem

6. The Temple is the architectural symbol of the Davidic Covenant
Both Jesus and his Mystical Body (the Church) are the New Temple

7. It is worldwide in scope, incorporating other nations.
"Catholic" means "according to the whole" or "universal" - composed of every nationality.

8. It is everlasting in duration, according to God's promises
It continues in the Church, which is the Kingdom restored: a Kingdom without end.

9. Its Law is found in the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament
The Psalms play a central role in Catholic worship

10. The King's personal representative was the Majordomo or Prime Minister
Jesus establishes this office by giving Peter "the keys of the kingdom"

11. The King's own mother reigned as Queen
Jesus' mother, Mary, was assumed into heaven where she reigns as Queen Mother

12. Principal sacrifice is the Todah or "Thanksgiving" sacrifice in the Temple
The Eucharist (which means "Thanksgiving") fulfills this sacrificial offering.


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Thanks for the wonderful presentation for without this background knowledge, even a sincere Catholic will find it difficult to believe that Catholic Church was founded and created by Christ Himself. But with this knowlegde, we can move out in the boldness of The Holy Spirit and bring the Good News to all, confident in Christ Jesus in whom we have put our trust.