What Others Are Saying

Praise for Understanding the Scriptures from the Original Participants
"This was my first study of the Bible and because of this experience, the readings at Mass and the Eucharist became even more meaningful, prayer more natural and enjoyable and life so much more peaceful. Carson is so generous when sharing his knowledge of the Bible. He shares his joy of being a Catholic. His joy is contagious. This town and Church are blessed to have this opportunity."
"Growing up Catholic, I was never exposed to what I learned in this study. Go to this class.. it will bring you to grow in faith and understand as well as know Christ."
"Every part of this course was extremely well presented. Listening to the readings at Mass has so much more meaning now, and we would highly recommend this course to anyone. We've told family and friends how much we have enjoyed this course and how much we have learned - the instructor makes a big difference. Thanks a million, Carson."
"Carson's commentaries were insightful (I could sit and listen for hours and I did!). I learned so much about the interrelationship between the Old and New Testaments, but most importantly, why we believe what we believe and the Scripture to prove and back it up!"
"This course for me was a first of its kind after years and years of taking courses offered by various parishes we have belonged to. It has brought new meaning both to my prayer life and to many passages of the Bible I have heard before. I feel like I am newly confirmed for the first time again!"
"Carson Weber is a natural teacher well-versed in his subject and makes it come alive. He makes the Bible so exciting! I recommend the course without reservation."
"I absolutely loved this course! It gave me a whole new perspective on the Bible.. I'm new to studying the Bible in-depth - I'm looking forward to many more hours of study with the parish!"
"The instructor's knowledge of the course and the Bible is awesome. The past 30 weeks have flown by. I recommend that anyone should take this opportunity to learn about the Bible, take it seriously, and dedicate yourself to reading the chapters and attending class regularly."
"To be candid, I have already sung the praises of this study to various parish members. I have and will continue to tell people what a wonderful opportunity it is to study the Bible with Carson's guidance."
"I have truly enjoyed this Bible study and thank God for giving me the opportunity to do so. Also, I praise God for raising up such a wonderful servant in Carson & his willingness to share what he has learned."
"I feel more comfortable with the Bible now, and I can find a passage much quicker than before... a huge benefit from this class is learning the correlation between the Old and New Testaments."
"I loved that you and the Bible fed us! We didn't have to perform or feel silly not knowing answers. I liked how if I didn't study beforehand, I didn't dread attending the class. A person could attend at the end of a long day, feeling drained from work, and leave the study refreshed. Thank you for giving us facts and not having everyone speculate."
Praise for Understanding the Scriptures from Online Listeners
"First, please let me say how grateful I am for your Bible study! I've listened to hundreds of online Catholic presentations/talks and your Bible study brought nuance and depth to my Scripture reading like nothing I've heard before. Truly, it's in a league of its own. If you do another, please record it as well and point me to it!"
"It has been such a blessing to have this Bible study to listen to while I work throughout the day. Carson does a great job of presenting the story of salvation history with enough detail to make it real, but not to make it confusing."
"Insightful, scholarly, engrossing - this is a fascinating walk through the Bible you thought you knew. Against a backdrop of careful scholarship and deep historical knowledge, familiar stories take on a new luster and relevance. Brew up a cup of tea, and get ready for a wonderful journey."
"I want to say thank you for placing your podcasts online. You have brought so much understanding and explain questions I have had and have answered questions I didn’t even know to ask. I have learned so much."
"I am a convert from atheism and a retired Navy Chief now living in Jacksonville, FL who blogs at The Curt Jester. I really enjoy your podcast and the way you present the information on scripture. Keep up the great work."
"I listen to your podcast here in Hong Kong. I really find the Understanding Scriptures series helpful. Thank you!"
"I'm a Franciscan Capuchin ... parish priest at Guardian Angels Parish in Wynnum, Brisbane, Australia. Great work! I enjoy listening in."
"For a couple of years now I have been part of a men's bible study group at Christ the King parish in Belton, TX. A couple of guys brought in the Understanding the Scriptures book one day. I bought a copy right away. While looking at podcasts on iTunes, I couldn't believe it when I saw this course! It has been a wonderful blessing in my quest to know God and grow closer to him - especially during Lent!"
"I'm at work right now, listening to the podcast through my headphones (instead of music). I find myself calling out answers (when listening in the car or at home - not at work). I just wanted to thank you for this convenient way for me to cram yet another Bible study into my busy schedule. I'm in Plainsboro, NJ -- not the most exotic of locations. Thanks, again. Good job so far (you've clearly had a good teacher), and I look forward to hearing the rest of the series."
"I'm a lifetime Catholic from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.. father of 6.. and am really getting into the podcast. I convert them to MP3 and put them on a CD that plays in my car on the ride home from work. I love the connections you make between the Old and New Testament and the etymology. Thanks for all the effort."
"Hi, I live in St. Bernard, LA with my wife and two sons. The podcast and textbook really present the principles and insight to read the Scriptures with understanding. All my other podcasts have taken a back seat for now. Thanks."
"I'm in Manchaca, Texas. I love listening to your podcast; you are doing an awesome job. I will miss listening when it is completed; I want more. Thank you!"
"I live in Virginia. Hubby started this course at a local parish, and then someone pointed out the podcast a couple of weeks into his course. I can’t take the class with him because someone has to put Big Girl and Little Girl into bed and stay with them - the authorities are so picky about leaving your 8 and 5-year-olds at home alone! *smile* I am so grateful for this podcast. Every week, I listen to the chapter Hubby is doing, and I write all over the margins of my Bible. I am constantly having to remind myself not to yell, 'OH, WOW!' while I sit in the library while the kids are at story time."
"Your lectures on the Bible are simply amazing. You're an outstanding lecturer."
"Just finished listening to your Understanding the Scripture Podcast. Each and everyone was great! Thank you so much for sharing them online. Your enthusiasm for Scripture and the Church are contagious. I am a 60-year-old revert and am now a very passionate Catholic."
"I'm a recent convert to Catholicism, and I've found your podcast on 'Understanding the Scriptures' to be an amazing resource. I listen to one chapter per day and read one chapter of the textbook per day."
"I'm a cradle Catholic from the Philippines who migrated to the United States with my family in 1984. I'm now retired and live in Los Angeles, California. Great podcast! I'm so grateful for your work. I recently found it online and listen to it daily as I help watch my grandchildren. I volunteer as a catechist in our parish for those young children preparing for first communion and serve as an extraordinary minister of holy communion for the sick."
"I am from Africa, but residing in NJ. I have been enjoying the podcast and have really learned a lot. I just finished it last week, but it is worth repeating again and again. It is a living word (food) of life."
"I'm going to have to start recommending that podcast to others in our parish. It really helped me finally understand the Bible. It is a wonderful and "eye-opening" treasure of information. I bought the book used, but rarely refer to it. Without your exegesis, the book is spare and would never convey the meanings you explain in your podcast. I'm going to start taking notes one of these days to help me better remember some of the great "nuggets" of information that you mention."
"As a layman, this level of scriptural teaching is brilliant. This material is quite hard to come by without joining the Seminary or looking up hundreds of sources. The layout is very easy and the teachings are easy to understand, so very good work indeed by my book!"
"The way you teach the Bible in the podcast... It's like I am in the room with you. You make it come alive. Before, I never really understood the Old Testament... I mean I was confused. That is why I always kind of tried to hang around the New Testament. It was easier for me to grasp. Now, everything is starting to make sense to me. I UNDERSTAND it. I can see things that I never knew before!"
"No words can express our gratitude for this series. About 2 years ago I felt an overwhelming need and drive to not only know more about my religion but to discover who my God really was. To know Him better so we can get closer to Him and understand what he wants for us and from us. I started reading my Bible and some other books I found but, I had trouble grasping the meaning behind the words until I stumbled onto this website. What a blessing. I listen to your talks when I take my 1 yr old grandson for our daily walk and I keep saying to him, "Wow, this is good stuff," he doesn't understand, but some day, he will. I finished the series and plan on starting it again. My wife and I just finished our Cursillo, and with the understanding and knowledge I got from you I feel more confident talking about my faith with anyone. You have made a profound difference in our lives. I tell everyone I talk to about this website and your wonderful series. Thank you. May God Bless you and Keep you and reward your endeavors in this world and the next."
"I am becoming Catholic at the end of this month after being evangelical for 23 years! I've been listening to your podcasts on Understanding the Bible, and they have been eye-opening."
"You are certainly one of the most effective lecturers I have ever listened to in my life of 75 years as a student. I have been most moved by your lectures and have enjoyed each and every one of them. The adulations due you are endless. I just wish I had this training 70 years ago, my life would have been much richer and fulfilling. Thank you again for the wonder work you have created."